1408 W. Hill, Urbana - Our 100th home!

1408 W. Hill, Urbana - Our 100th home!

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Please join us as we build our 100th home for the Washington Family!

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Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County

Campaign to Support Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County

Habitat for Humanity of Champaign County and ReStore is a nonprofit, Christian housing ministry that works both to eliminate poverty housing around the world and to make adequate housing a matter of conscience and action. Habitat welcomes partners from any faith – or no faith tradition – who are willing to help improve the lives of families needing safe, affordable, decent housing.


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Alicia Washington is pretty clear about what she wants out of this opportunity as she partners with Habitat  volunteers to build her first home.  “I just want a chance to create stability for my family,  she says. My dad was a good saver, he helped me learn about how to build my credit, and always stressed being disciplined in reaching for a goal.  I have been able to complete both my bachelors’ and masters’ programs by being focused and disciplined through online college programs.  I started at Walmart 10 years ago and have worked up through the ranks to a pharmacy tech position.”  Alicia also works a few times a week as a Unit 4 substitute teacher. “I really like the middle school age; Edision has been a great place to work, and substitute teaching gives me a very flexible schedule with my kids and their activities.” 

Despite all that, what keeps her most focused on her home ownership goal is her 5 children; Lathen 11, Daniel 7, Bradan 4 and twin girls Mila and Mylynn age 2.  “Right now I don’t let them go outside in our neighborhood to play-- it’s just not safe at any time of day.  I’m looking forward to a home and a yard where they can play outside, and invite their friends over for a birthday party or a sleepover..just normal stuff most kids get to do in their homes.  She continues, “ A home of our own is really a dream come true…I can’t say that enough.”